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Furniture & home accents for your home by Total House & Flooring

One of the most personal expressions a homeowner has is their choice of furniture & home accents. This is a true reflection of your personal style and defines your home.

You may choose a single accent piece that sets the stage or you might have an ongoing theme in each room. No matter how you choose to design, these accents are a direct reflection of who you are.

Mixing elements of furniture & home accents

There is nothing wrong with layering your design elements. There might be a classic piece that has a place in your heart and it’s perfectly acceptable to mix that with other pieces, such as Bohemian, Modern, Romantic and more. Some people have reservations about mixing textiles as well, but that need not be a fear any longer. After all, it is your space, and if you have certain accents that are wood, with others that are metal or glass, we can make sure they complement each other perfectly. You can even allow your design elements to blend over into your pet furniture. Many people are choosing to accent in this way, and it’s an interesting way to add a bit of appeal that you might otherwise have been missing. Pet pillows tossed into the corner, or off to the side of the couch are one thing. Having a custom-made wooden pet bed that matched the rest of your furniture and home accents is quite another. And finally, don’t be afraid to go green! Many designers are taking the eco-friendly route and making use of re-purposed or reclaimed pieces that are all the rage these days. It’s not unlikely to see accent tables created from a piece of driftwood or old coke crates used as media holders. In fact, choosing to use these green materials literally means the your designing options are limitless. To learn more about the beautiful flooring that we carry, visit Total House + Flooring in Southern Pines where we proudly service the areas of Aberdeen, Fayetteville, Rockingham, Asheboro, and Pinehurst.



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Total House + Flooring is dedicated to making sure our customers are completely satisfied with their design experience. If you still have questions at this point, please feel free to stop by our showroom, located in Southern Pines, NC. We proudly serve the areas of Southern Pines, Pinehurst, Aberdeen, Fayetteville and Asheboro, and we’d love to assist you with your furniture & home accents needs.
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