Is carpet a good choice for staircases

Is carpet a good choice for staircases

When shopping for carpet in Southern Pines, NC, you'll see a wide assortment of colors ranging from bright, bold hues to earthy neutrals.

Why choose carpet for the staircase?

is both elegant and practical. And stairs are the first thing people see when they enter your home; they set the overall tone of the house.

Carpeting makes any atmosphere seem luxurious. However, from a practical perspective, carpets reduce noise and provide safety from hard falls.

The latter is significant if you have senior residents or kids. In addition, wooden stairs can get slippery when wet.

Importance of fiber

Stairs are high-traffic areas. In our carpet store, you'll see a lot of Mohawk's SmartStand.

SmartStrand was tested extensively for durability and stain resistance and is available in bright, vivid colors.

People and pets run up and down the stairs all day, so SmartStrand is ideal. It's made from the Triexta fiber, known for ultra-strength; the same company, DuPont, created this fiber that brought us nylon.

Triexta also has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. One great example is Exquisite Attraction by Mohawk, available in 50 colors.

Wool is also a good choice for stair carpet because it's durable and soil-repellent. Check out Masland’s Heatherpoint, available in six colors. Another good choice is Wool Creations lll by Godfrey Hirst, available in 12 colors.

Selecting the best style

Consider safety factors when choosing a style. For example, the carpet must fit secretly around treads, banisters, railings, and posts.
It also needs to provide a stable foundation on which to walk. So again, looped styles like Berber of Level Loop are good choices.

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