Here’s what to expect with a carpet installation

Here’s what to expect with a carpet installation

A new carpet adds a fresh, up-to-date look to your home. Today's soft surfaces come in exciting colors, styles, designs, and patterns, such as Altair by Masland or Godfrey Hirst's wool Castlegrounds.

Modern technology makes them extra durable and more stain-resistant than ever. In addition, some versions address specific concerns, such as being hypoallergenic, sustainable, and kid-and-pet friendly.

But what to expect with your carpet installation? Think of it in terms of threes.

Expectation #1: Preparation is vital

It will spare you from costly delays and surprise last-minute invoices. First, check to see what is covered. Then, if necessary, ask the carpet store for an estimate breakdown.

Such things you want to know include furniture removal, timing, disposal, etc. Most importantly–who inspects the subfloor, and what happens if it needs repair?

Expectation #2: Day of actual installation

Depending on the size of the room, this will take a day or less. Next, tack strips, little pieces of wood with nails sticking out, are placed around the room's perimeter.

The installer will place the padding inside. Then the rug gets stretched over the entire surface, affixed to the tack strips, and placed tightly against the wall. Your carpet in Southern Pines, NC, is now in place!

Expectation #3: Post-installation

Your installer will inform you when you can walk on it and move furniture back in. Please be aware that these are often two separate timetables.

They might give you some care tips, tell you what to expect and when something is defective.

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