Texture is everywhere and is all the rage in today's tile flooring design trends. Texturing adds visual interest, a three-dimensional look, and practicality–such as enhancing "grip."
Gone are the days of flat, right-angled tiles. Instead, today's all about the bumps and grooves. 
You can get texture through patterns and styles. There are also textured finishes like polished, honed, and tumbled.

Mosaics: trending for bathroom floors

These tiny (sometimes as small as 1 X 1), often glass-coated, and highly decorative pieces are durable and mold and mildew resistant.
They are prized for their decorative properties and the many grout lines that add to a non-slip surface.
Revalia by Daltile, Tenki Aki by Solistone, or Urban Texture Mosaics Hexagon by Lungarno Ceramics are some to check out in our tile store.

The polished finish: most commonly associated with granite and marble

Stone tiles are trending, and a polished finish makes them glossy. Colors, veinings, and patterns with this reflective quality are popular.

Honed tiles: consistent, smooth texture with a matte, satin look. 

This finish offers a more contemporary look. It's less reflective, with a satin-like feeling.

Tumbled tiles: a rustic, antique look

Tumbled tile flooring looks worn, with a muted color. This is because they go through the tumbling process in a rubber drum with rocks, water, and sand.
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About anti-slip tiles

These have a fine grit added to the glaze. Be sure, however, to check the COF (coefficient of friction). It should be at least .50 for residential use and .60 for commercial.

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