There's no shortage of trees in North Carolina. Not surprisingly, you'll find a lot of pine trees in all versions, such as longleaf, shortleaf, and southern pine. You'll also find oak, red maple, sweetgum, hickory, yellow poplar, birch, beech, and yellow poplar.

However, your choice of solid hardwood flooring will depend on the style, budget, and whether you have extra durability needs. The latter is especially important as not all hardwoods have the same level of hardness. Visit our hardwood flooring company, and our professionals will walk you through our inventory and address your concerns and questions.

Oak: the king of domestic hardwoods

You'll see most often in North Carolina homes. Red oak isn't red, but a medium brown with a slight reddish cast. White oak is pale brown but has an olive cast. Both are porous, which means they accept stains well and are also pretty hard.

Domestic vs. exotic species

Domestic species, such as oak, maple, oak, beech, walnut, hickory, etc., are harvested within North America and are warmer and more traditional. Exotic species such as ebony, Brazilian cherry, etc., are darker, more dramatic, and, some say, more contemporary. These are all very hard and tend to be pricier.

No one can ever dispute the allure of wood flooring. These floors are classic and add elegance to a room, are versatile enough to work with any decor, last for decades, and add value to a property. They are also completely natural with no chemicals, making them ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers; since trees, even when cut, can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, they can improve indoor air quality.

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