Can hardwood floors be installed over concrete?

They both can, but a more extensive answer will depend on installing engineered wood flooring or solid hardwood. You can have engineered hardwood floors installed over any subfloor as long as it's clean, dry, and level. However, solid hardwood flooring requires special preparation to the subfloor that includes a plywood board being affixed to the concrete.

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Why solid is difficult to install over concrete

Solid hardwood is wood through and through, and wood can be damaged by excessive moisture and water. In addition, it shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather, causing cupping, crowning, and warping.

Concrete is damp and, when there's moisture in the subfloor, it can easily travel to the surface and create problems. We need to watch the levels, and sometimes the plywood boards will also cause challenges, creating height issues that keep doors from opening and closing properly.

Why is engineered okay?

Construction is the only difference between solid and engineered. It's more stable, handles water better, and can be installed as a floating floor. This is opposed to solid wood, with installation by the traditional tongue and groove/nail down.

When floors float, the pieces first click together, mat, and then hover over the subfloor without nails or glue. A floating floor works with any subfloor, but any movement can result in an unbalanced floor. That isn't a chance we're willing to take with your surface!

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